Sunday Video Fun

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It’s Sunday, and I’m probably not awake yet. But, I came across some videos this week that were pretty terrific. So, while I sleep, you enjoy these fun clips. /

This first one is a basketball video from Texas A&M, a Husky opponent this season. Check out this amazing shot. Now, check out the reverse angle. Wow.

Reminds me of the old McDonald’s commercial with Zubaz-clad Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

Maybe Jordan forgot to wear his trusty Zubaz here, when he got schooled by a corporate CEO in a game of one-on-one.

Speaking of getting schooled, this dunk may have single-handedly crushed the NBA dreams French dude, Frederic Weis, who decided not to come to the U.S. to play after he was drafted by the Knicks.

Instead, Weis is known as the dude Vince Carter leap-frogged, and the dude who got drafted by the Knicks one pick before the Bulls took Ron Artest. Good to know Weis can still play to the YouTube crowd so many years later, as exhibited here.

Of course, this is a Husky basketball site, and if you want to get psyched up for the 2009/10 Husky season, take fifteen minutes and watch this highlight video from last year, courtesy of our friends at UW Athletic Dept.

At about 2:10 of the highlight video you’ll hear a Nelly song called “Heart of a Champion” that samples from the John Tesh song, “Roundball Rock.” I’m thinking this might be that rare occasion of a musical pairing that represents a career low-point for both artists.

Speaking of the Tesh classic that was the lead-in to the NBA on NBC for so many years, here’s the classic intro to game one of the 1996 Sonics-Bulls Finals. It didn’t end well for Seattle, but what a run.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that Gary Payton was once a Seattle rival. Check out this unintentionally hilarious video tribute of Payton’s college years and try to imagine what the editor was possibly thinking with that song choice.

Thanks for coming! Tomorrow: The Quincy Pondexter interview.