Quick Discussion with 2011 UW Recruit, 6'7" Forward, Christian Behrens

Chris Behrens
I had a chance to speak with local baller Christian Behrens, a 6’7″ forward from Tahoma HS. He’s been linked with UW, largely, I think, because he’s local and the hometown Dawgs would make a lot of sense. /

You’ll read about Behrens soon in my State of the 2011 Recruiting Class post that I’ve been putting together for longer than I’d expected to. But, for now: Christian is rated by ESPN as the #22 power forward in his class, but isn’t ranked yet by Scout.com. He’s described as being a thin, finesse player.

I spoke to Christian this week and he said that UW is indeed recruiting him, but that he hadn’t begun to pare down the schools that he’s considering, nor has he ranked them yet either.

The list he recited for me of the schools he’s considering was pretty long: Washington St., Gonzaga, Cal, Stanford, Santa Clara, Arizona, Harvard, Portland, Portland St., Seattle U., and UW.

Behrens is also teammates with Josh Smith on the Seattle Rotary AAU team. I couldn’t resist asking if he had any inclination as to what his teammate was going to do, and he told me that he believes Josh is still undecided, so he had no idea.

Thanks for coming!