Terrence Jones Speaks to Montlake Madness

recruit 2 terrence jones
I had the opportunity to have a very quick discussion with UW recruit Terrence Jones recently and ask him a couple of questions. Read about Jones in our State of the 2010 Recruiting Class here. /

He confirmed again that he hadn’t made a decision yet, and that UW was definitely a school he was considering.

The most interesting thing he said to me regarded the timing of his choice. Percy Allen had reported about a Rivals.com story (on its pay site) that said Jones’ mother would like him to choose in the fall, but that Jones wanted to wait until next spring. But, Jones told me something different just the other day.

Jones said, when I told him that UW fans were waiting with bated breath for decisions from him and Josh Smith, “I’m going to sign early. I hope my fans and his fans will follow us the whole time and wait patiently.”

I also asked if Tony Wroten’s injury had given him any second thoughts about playing football, and he said that it hadn’t.

So, it doesn’t sound as if Jones is planning anymore to make us sweat it out until the spring. Although, as I’ll always note on recruiting news (since we’re talking about kids who are as young as fifteen) things can change like the wind at any moment.

When I have more, you’ll see it here.

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