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Athlon Sports Also Picks Dawgs to Finish Second

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I picked up one of the other major annual college hoops print magazines from Athlon Sports, which also picks Washington to finish second behind Cal this upcoming season. Both pick UCLA for third as well. After that, Athlon’s thoughts on the standings begin to differ from Lindy’s.

While Lindy’s picks Jerome Randle for Pac-10 Player of the Year, Athlon forecasts Patrick Christopher, also on Cal, to win the award. Athlon also picks Venoy Overton as the conference’s best defender (duh!), and Abdul Gaddy as the “Newcomer of the Year.”

Isaiah is picked to the All Pac-10 First Team, Quincy is picked for the Second Team, and in a pleasant surprise, Athlon chose Matthew Bryan-Amaning for the Third Team.

Nationwide, while Lindy’s picked Washington as the 16th best team in the country, Athlon picks us 17th.

There’s plenty of other good stuff about the Dawgs, the Pac-10, and the rest of the NCAA landscape in the magazine. I really enjoy the college annual preview mags more than the pro sports ones, which are usually outdated by the time the season starts. Since colleges don’t trade players, and recruiting developments don’t impact the current season much, only an injury, or other strange occurrence, can outdate the info before opening day.

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