Reconnaissance Mission: Oregon Point Guard, Malcolm Armstead

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Thanks for coming by for another installment of “Reconnaissance Mission,” a feature in which we speak to one of our Pac-10 opponents and learn more about some of the guys on the other side of the floor. /

I was thrilled recently to catch up with Malcolm Armstead, an Oregon sophomore who will debut with the team this season after playing at Chipola College in Florida, where he put up a lofty 3.3 assist-to-turnover ratio.

Armstead is expected to compete for the starting point guard spot, which would mean he’d share the backcourt with one of the Pac-10’s top returning players, Tajuan Porter. Hoping to improve on last season’s dismal showing, it’s very likely Armstead’s play will have a lot to do with the team’s fate.

Montlake Madness: Tell me a little about Malcolm Armstead.

Malcolm Armstead: I’m a point guard from Alabama. Went to Chipola Junior College last season.

MM: I know you haven’t started the season, but how are you adjusting to life at Oregon so far?

MA: It’s going well.

MM: What parts of your game are you working on to help make sure you’re successful jumping from junior college to the Pac-10?

MA: I’m not really worried about anything on the court at all. I just want to improve my conditioning.

MM: Have you played with your new teammates much yet?

MA: A little bit. Everyone is really cool.

MM: Do you see yourself competing for a starting role this season? (Last year, Garrett Sim started 26 games in the backcourt and Tajuan Porter is one of the top returning scorers in the Pac-10.)

MA: Yes, I do.

MM: Obviously, last year was a tough year for Oregon basketball. Do you feel as if you’re playing for Ernie Kent’s job this season?

MA: Not at all. I’m playing to win, and if that means he keeps his job, then i guess I am. I love Coach Kent. He really has a good understanding for the game.

MM: How much do you know about the players on UW?

MA: I played against Isaiah Thomas in AAU ball when he played with Friends of Hoop at the Nike Memorial Day Classic.

MM: Did you guard each other?

MA: Just on a few plays.

MM: How did you fare against him?

MA: He got game! (laughs). He’s a lefty. What more can i say?

MM: If you had to guess, what’s the Oregon starting five on opening night?

MA: Me, Tajaun Porter, Jeremy Jacob, Mike Dunigan, and I don’t know the other spot. (laughs) (FYI – Armstead and Jacob were teammates in junior college.)

MM: How many Pac-10 wins would you expect from Oregon?

MA: More than two! (laughs) At least six or seven.

MM: What kind of statistics for you would you consider a personal success?

MA: 10 points per game, three steals, four rebounds, eight assists.

MM: Wow. That’s ambitious! I don’t think anyone averaged eight dimes last year. Or three steals.

MA: I’m serious. Well that’s a lot of work, but I’m gonna try to make those stats happen.

MM: Tell me something I wouldn’t know about being a college basketball player? What don’t the fans get to see?

MA: It’s crazy. . .Signing autographs. . . I love to be around people, but not all that attention off the court.

MM: Have you encountered any CRAZY fans?

MA: Yeah. It’s weird when someone says something real strange, like I’m like a God to them, or that I saved Oregon’s basketball program. (laughs)

Hey, thanks for coming!