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Romar Watches as Josh Smith Sacks

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Josh Smith registered the first sack of his football career Friday night in Kentwood High School’s 21-14 victory over Tahoma /

. Although the word was that he’d be used on the O-line, it sounds like he got some time on the defensive side of the ball Friday.

Interestingly, Lorenzo Romar was in the stands, catching his second football game in about a week, after watching Terrence Jones’s football game in Albany, Oregon last weekend.

This says two things to me:

1. Coach Romar is probably watching WAY more high school football than he wishes he were.

I believe we can be very good this year, but I still see a gap between us and schools like Kentucky, UNC, or Kansas. Getting either of these guys would mean we could run with anyone in the country. Getting both would mean we’d be a hot pick to make a run at the Final Four, which brings me to the second observation:

2. Coach believes it’s possible for him to close the deal with either (or both) of these kids. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be spending his Friday nights in Tahoma, or Albany, Oregon.

Most of the recruiting info we get is dodgy — it changes every day, one guys says one thing, another guy’s Twitter page says something else. But, if Coach Romar believes we can get these guys? I take that to be the strongest evidence that we should too.

PS – Coach Howland was not in the stands Friday night.