Confirmed: Tony Wroten Has Torn ACL, Out of Action 7-9 Months


(UPDATED – 9/19/09 @ 10:50 PM)

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UPDATE: Percy Allen is reporting on The Seattle Times website that Tony did indeed tear his ACL and will likely miss the entire 2009-10 basketball season.

Percy spoke to Anthony Allen, Wroten’s football coach, who said Tony was considering surgery that would keep him out of action 7-9 months.

It turns out that the injury that Wroten sustained in his first football game, which was reported as a bruise, was much worse.

Wow.  This is awful. Thankfully, he’s got young bones and joints and should be able to come back and play during his senior year. But still… Just terrible.


ORIGINAL POST: Montlake Madness reader and local hoops insider Jason McCleary pointed out that there are rumblings that star hoops recruit Tony Wroten tore his ACL sometime Thursday or Friday. NOTHING has been confirmed (and we truly hope it’s not true), but here’s what we know so far (and it isn’t much):

There was no mention of Wroten in the game roundup or scoring summary from last night’s Garfield football game, a 34-32 win over Roosevelt.

Here are two recent Tweets from Wroten, but their Twitter time stamps are both from Friday morning, before the Garfield football game:

"At 8:05 AM Friday: on my way to da doctorAt 10:50 AM Friday: man why me?. but hay i guess everything happens for a reason and for da best"

And, a reader on, a pay site, posted that he’d heard that Wroten had torn his ACL during the game last night.

So, that’s what I’ve got. As soon as I know more, you’ll know more. Hit me up at, or in the comments section, if you’ve got news, or were at the game last night.

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