Justin Dentmon Gives Us First Impressions of Israel

dentmon israel copy
As we reported last week, Justin Dentmon signed with an Israeli basketball team called Hapoel Afula. I caught up with Justin right after his first practice with his new team, which wasted no time getting him into the fold — he practiced in Israel only about 24 hours after leaving Seattle. /

Montlake Madness: How is Israel so far?

Justin Dentmon: It’s okay. I just got out of practice, and the team said they’d give me a phone to call out to the states.

MM: What are your first impressions of Israel, and your new team?

JD: First impression was its not that bad, just a lot of people that look at you funny. My team is okay. We have a lot of teamwork to work on, but other than that it’s okay. It’s also really hot.

MM: Do you sense that you’ll be competing for a starting role?

JD: No. They told me I have to sit and watch. That’s my spot.

MM: For the whole season?

JD: Yes.

MM: How long is your contract for?

JD: It’s for seven months.

MM: What are you most nervous about in the next seven months?

JD: How the people will act.

MM: What will you miss most about being home?

JD: My family and friends, and basketball.

MM: Do you think you’ll stay in Israel for a long time?

JD: Hmm… Naw.

MM: Is there anything else you want to say to your many fans
in Seattle? They’re going to be thrilled to hear from you…

JD: Yes, tell them I said “thanks for all the support and I won’t
let them down.”

MM: What part of your game are you working on the most to
earn playing time on your current team?

JD: Everything, but I’m mainly working on my game to show the NBA I
can play the point.

MM: Then, let me ask you: Even though your stats were good, and you helped the team a lot, do you have any regrets about playing off-the-ball so much last season, as far as what scouts saw and didn’t see about your game?

JD: No. I did what I had to do to help the team. I was willing to do anything to get back to the tournament.

I let Justin know that we at Montlake Madness, along with all Husky fans were wishing him well. It’ll be interesting to see how his thoughts develop once he’s had a chance to spend some time in a new country with a new team. We’ll make sure to catch up with him again in a month or two.