Labor Day UW Hoops Clips

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If you’re wondering about the lack of super-cool stuff this weekend, I apologize. About half of our readers (according to my traffic stats) are away on vacation, and while I’m not, I am enjoying a quiet weekend at home (read: quality time) with Mrs. Madness, and the Montlake Mutt. /

That said, I really do appreciate that so many of you check in regularly, since we do aim to post something new at least once every day. So, here are four videos I dug up that I thought were interesting:

Here’s an interview clip from an outfit called “Illinois HS basketball” with soundbites from Isaiah Thomas and Nate Robinson. Neither guy seems particularly interested in talking to the camera, but cool to hear them speak about Tony Wroten, Josh Smith, and Nate’s future with the Knicks.

These are some highlights of Tony Wroten playing at the Center Stage Classic in Las Vegas in late July. As many of you know, Tony will be a high school junior this year, and is rated by most as the top or second-best point guard in his class. His father, Tony Wroten Sr., played tight end for UW in the early 1980s, so we should have the inside track if Tony Jr. opts to stay close to home. (Should being the critical word there.)

Here’s a clip of Justin Dentmon playing in a Carbondale, Illinois, tournament that he put together. He talks a bit about what’s next for him, and says he’ll know in the next week or so whether he’ll be playing in Europe or the D-League this season.

And, here’s Matthew Bryan-Amaning with a wicked move during a tournament game in the UK this summer. I have to say that the guy guarding him looks about as lively as a coma patient, but good to see MBA taking it strong to the hole. We’ll need to see some of that from him this year.

Hey, thanks for coming! And, see you this week with a Husky player interview, the big “State of Husky Hoops Recruiting” post I’ve been working on, and all sorts of other fun stuff…