Josh Smith Cancels Visit to UCLA

Smith UCLA visit copy
From’s pay site, I learned that Josh Smith cancelled this weekend’s official visit to UCLA. No reason was given, but Anthony Brown, a 6’6″ wing that the Dawgs are also recruiting will be visiting Bruin-land over the Labor Day holiday. The article says that Smith’s visit will be rescheduled. But, here’s a better idea, Josh, commit to the Huskies and save yourself the trip. /

All I’ll say, having no further detail on this is that it can’t be a bad thing, right? I’d rather Smith not visit UCLA than visit. My guess, though, is that this is mostly to do with Smith’s attention being on football right now. He’s eligible to play in his first game soon, and I’d imagine he’s busy getting ready for that. As we’ve written about before, Smith is going to play this season (for the first time) for Kentwood High’s football team.

Tell me this is going to go in our favor. Please. A skilled big man like this could be huge, even if just for a year. I’ve heard the dissent to bringing in a likely one-and-done guy, but I’m unconvinced. This is the big fish for UW, and we’re either going to get him, or have to play him twice each year he plays college ball. I’ll take the 6’9″ behemoth on our side of the court.

What do you think faithful readers?