Monday Mini-post #1: Jon Brockman's Contract

brock evil copy
Came across this column from Sactown Royalty, which does a great job providing frequent coverage of the Kings. I was kind of bummed to read their take on a possible reason that the team and Brockman may not have come to contract terms yet: /

They suggest that the team might want to wait to sign him since Brockman could always get injured during the remainder of the off-season. Prior to executing a contract, the Kings would not be liable for paying him in the event of an injury. And, other than saying “screw it,” and going to play overseas (unlikely), there’s not much Jon can do but wait.

With training camp opening in about a month, this shouldn’t go on that much longer. All indications are that he is nearly a lock to sign. As we’ve written about before, Paul Westphal, his new coach, seems enamored with him. And, the team is selling his jersey (which at least shows some level of commitment, right?).

I can’t wait to see what Jon can do in the NBA — is his ceiling being an 11th or 12th man, pushing other guys in practice, or can he claw his way into an NBA regular rotation, playing 10-15 minutes a night? This was probably my favorite subject to talk about watching him play over the past few years. Maybe this deserves its own column. More on this to come…