Fantasy College Hoops: Who Woulda Thunk it?

Fantasy basketball copy
One of our readers, a really good guy named Perry, runs a fantasy league called Big Chief Challenge Fantasy College Basketball. It’s fantasy hoops, but with college ballers — maybe not impossible to find elsewhere, but certainly not common. He had me at “Hey Montlake,” and I’d love to compete against other readers of this site as well. The league is free and does a slow-draft starting in October. He’s currently signing people up and has room if you’re interested. /

It’s going to be abundantly clear how Pac-10 focused my hoops acumen is when my team consists of six or seven Huskies, a couple of other Pac-10 dudes, and John Wall. Gotta have John Wall…

I asked Perry to send me a quick couple of sentences on the league, along with simple instructions for signing up. So, take it away, Perry… Hope to see some of you in the league:

"The Big Chief Challenge is a fantasy college basketball league that uses players from the six Tier 1 (BCS) conferences in a head-to-head format. Points, rebounds, and assists are scored individually from six players of a ten-man roster.Here’s a link to the direct sign up for the BCC:’s a link to the rules:"

Hey, thanks for coming, and hope to see you in the Big Chief Challenge!