This Dawg is Going on a "Reconnaissance Mission"

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We’ll be introducing a new feature on Montlake Madness in the next 24 hours and I’m excited. Let me tell you about it. /

Your response to Husky player interviews has been tremendous, which led me to two thoughts regarding this site:

1. I should do more player interviews with current and former Husky ballers. Got it. That’s clear to me, and it’s really a matter of coordinating schedules, and getting in touch with players willing to spend a little time talking to Montlake Madness. I’m working on setting things up, and you’ll see the results as they happen.

2. There’s only 12 players on the Huskies, so, even if we aim to speak to everyone on the team, and a few of the fan favorites of the past, that’s still not a hell of a lot of interviews. If you like interviews, I want to give you interviews.

So, we’ll be introducing a new feature on the site this weekend called “Reconnaissance Mission,” in which we’ll talk to an opposing Pac-10 player about their own team, their thoughts on the Huskies, and their experience as a college ballplayer.

Here’s why I’m psyched about this: We know so much about our guys, and we should. If you’re a die-hard like me, you’re going to watch the Huskies play about 30 times this season and it’d be impossible not to learn about our guys, and form impressions of them based on what you see, right or wrong. But, how much do you know about, say, Oregon, other than their top two or three guys? You’re going to spend at least four hours of your life this year watching, say, ASU or Stanford during their two games with the Dawgs. But, unless you’ve got the time to seek out all the Pac-10 coverage out there, you’re really only going to be super-familiar with their guys who earn national attention. Also, FSN broadcasts a lot of non-Dawg Pac-10 games. I enjoy those games, but think we’d all enjoy them even more if we knew something about the guys on the court.

In short: know thy enemy.

So, we’re going to try to get some insight into some of our opponents. If you’re not interested, read anyway. These kids work hard on the court, and they all have their story. I’m going to try to get to the bottom of it. Or, at least, find out what they think about the Dawgs. Stay tuned…

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