Thanks for your. . . uh. . . Honesty, Mr. Central Washington Coach

cwu woody copy
Got a bit of a chuckle out of this report from about Central Washington’s early season exhibition games against the Huskies and BYU. If only other college coaches were this honest about the financial impact of playing against larger schools, there’d be a lot less hot air out there: /

"“It’s definitely an economic issue,” Sparling said Tuesday. “We’re fortunate that the University of Washington wants to play us, and also BYU gave us a very good guarantee. There’s no second guessing yourself. You just jump in and walk away with a lot of money.”"

Then, the coach expresses concern over what I take to mean he’s imagining will be horrific losses to the Dawgs and BYU:

"“The biggest thing when you play back-to-back against that caliber of team is you don’t want to get your confidence shaken.”"

What happened to that “any given Sunday” approach to coaching, where even a small D-II team in Ellensburg at least pretended they had a chance against a bigger, stronger foe? I know it’s D-II, but who’s coaching this team, Woody Allen?

Anyhow, this game is ruined for me now. How can I be satisfied with anything less than a 50-point margin of victory for the Dawgs, right?

Hey, thanks for coming!