N8 Not Meeting with Knicks; Agents Tweeting Away His Free Agency

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Okay, I’m convinced that within a year, nearly every major professional franchise will be regularly including Non-Twitter clauses in every new contract they sign with a player. /

Yesterday, we reported that Nate had a meeting scheduled with the Knicks for today. Well, turns out we were wrong.

In the most recent twist of the NateGate saga, he did not meet with the Knicks today, even though he’d apparently had something planned, since he tweeted about the upcoming meeting.

His agents, though, tweeted today that there would be no meeting, and chastised reporters to be more careful with what they write. This, even though Nate had, himself, tweeted that there was going to be one.

I think we should replace “tweeting,” which sounds about as masculine as “Massengill” with the word “twitcasting,” which seems so much more appropriate to the way Twitter is being used at this point in its existence.

I’m not ever going to advocate teams silencing players, because I think the fact that so many athletes are going off the rez’ on Twitter is fantastically entertaining. But, isn’t it kind of shocking that more teams PR ninnies don’t have their panties in a knot over all of this shooting from the lip?