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Slam Online has the Dawgs at #9

Slam copy
Nice little team preview of the Huskies from Slam Online today (yes, I realize that’s not Slam Magazine’s logo to the left — I just have a warm spot in my heart for ’90s hip-hop). /

As opposed to a lot of national stories I’ve read about the team, I felt like the guy who wrote this had actually watched the Dawgs play last year.

Small mistake in mentioning Charles Garcia, who will indeed not be playing for UW, but decent little write-up, and really cool to see the Dawgs picked so high!


Some fun things planned for this week on Montlake Madness, including a catch-up interview with a former Husky — a blast from the not-so-distant past. But, I’m a fan of suspense, so you’ll have to check back this week to see who I’m talking about…

And, hey, thanks for coming!