Good Chance to See Josh Smith and Tony Wroten on TV Today if…

Smith Wroten copy
UPDATE: Turns ou that since the game was rained out of Rucker Park and played indoors instead, this game will not be aired on ESPN-U today at all. I’ll leave the post up, though, since the sentiment remains the same: Hey, Comcast, how about getting on adding ESPN-U to the Seattle package? /

If  you’re lucky enough not to be a Seattle-based Comcast customer and you actually do get ESPN-U, at 4 PM (PST) today, you can watch the Boost Mobile Elite 24 Classic. The game features Smith, Wroten, and 22 of the other best high school ballers in the country.

If you do get a chance to check it out, I’d love to hear from you. From the looks of it, ESPN 360 is not going to show the game, so it really isn’t possible to watch the game if Comcast is your provider in Seattle. Fun.

The game was actually played last night, so don’t Google for more information without expecting to have the result spoiled. When I dig up some information on the results later or tomorrow, I’ll pass them along. Here are spoiler-free rosters and a game preview from Slam Online.