Dammit, Nate! Always Make the Rookie Drive!

nate car copy
Maybe he should stick to driving the lane. Nate Robinson was arrested on Tuesday for driving with a suspended license.  He was with Nets’ draft pick Terrence Williams at the time. This isn’t Nate’s first driving related issue either. C’mon man, life’s too good for him right now to mess up over stuff like this. Let the rookie drive, dammit. In fact, make the rookie drive! /

The day’s biggest positive news is that ESPN College GameDay is coming to UW on February 20th. The crew will broadcast from here before the 6 PM tip-off with UCLA, which will also be broadcast on ESPN. Pretty great exposure for the school and the team. I kind of wish we could play this game for the rights to Josh Smith. We’d dominate. Just saying.

ESPN says Smith’s stock is slightly down. Hmmm… Okay, no problem. We’ll take him if no one else wants him. Hey, us, yup us, here in the back!

I get a bunch of mail asking recruiting questions about the local HS scene. I’ll have more on that as the season gets closer, but here’s a great ranking of the top 20 high school players in the state by Seatown Sports.

And here’s a ranking of the 10 best fantasy college basketball players in the Pac-10. Three Huskies on the roster, which is awesome. For the record, I think this guy has Tajuan Porter way too low and I would’ve avoided putting Johnny Lawrence on the list at all, even at #10.

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