The Man They Call "Chuck" – A Brief Chat with Husky Forward, Tyreese Breshers

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Tyreese Breshers has the potential to really help the Huskies this season by adding some of the grit and rebounding that the frontcourt will be missing in the wake of Jon Brockman’s graduation. After redshirting last season with a shin injury, we all hope he can be more of an X-Factor this season than an X-Ray Factor. /

If Breshers can be that big presence and give us 15 minutes (or more) of toughness per game, I believe our frontcourt can go from being the team’s weakness to, at least, an area of less exposure.

I caught up with Tyreese for a quick chat this afternoon and he was kind of enough to answer a few questions. Here’s some of our discussion:

MontlakeMadness: How’s the health? Are you back into playing shape?

Tyreese Breshers: My health is good, but at this point I’m not quite back in playing shape. But, I am on the road to getting back into shape.

MM: Glad to hear you’re heading in the right direction. A lot of fans are hoping you’ll be able to contribute to filling the hole left by Jon Brockman. How would you compare your game to his, style-wise?

TB: I can say, physically, I am just as strong as him and I’m good around the basket… And, like him, I like to rebound.

MM: Fantastic. Is the whole team working out together yet? Or are guys still away doing their own things for the summer?

TB: Yeah, we all have been working out together a couple months now.

MM: Nice. Anyone who’s been particularly impressive as far as improvement from last season to now?

TB: Honestly, I can see an improvement in everybody, and I’m not just saying that ’cause it sounds good.

MM: From a fan’s perspective, that’s great to hear. How do you guys handle the idea of competing for minutes on such a deep team alongside the idea of keeping team morale and unity high? Do the coaches encourage competition, or try to keep questions like ‘who’s going to start?’ out of the discussion?

TB: I think that team being so deep is only going to bring out the best in everybody, because we all know that the best players will play.

MM: Other than the Huskies, which team in the Pac-10 is the toughest?

TB: Well we aren’t going to take anybody lightly, but I would say Cal because they beat us twice and they are returning their top 3 guys.

MM: I agree with you. On paper, you guys look so much stronger, but they brought their best last season when they played UW. Tyreese, thanks for your time, man. Before you go, can you tell the fans something they don’t yet know about Tyreese Breshers?

TB: The team calls me “Chuck,” for Charles Barkley.

MM: That’s a very intriguing notion, Tyreese. Thanks so much for your time. I look forward to catching up as the season gets closer.

TB: Anytime.

Thanks for coming!