Fans Speak Out: Montlake Madness UW Husky Hoops Fan Poll – Part II

Fan poll II pic copy
Ahhh, glory. The funk has begun to lift in Montlake. The summer flu that kept me in bed all week is dying down now, and I couldn’t be happier. Sorry again for the lack of new content for a few days, but we’re ready to start tearing it up again here at Montlake Madness. /

Before we get to part II of the Fan Poll, here’s a link to one of the many Rick Pitino stories from the past few days. This one includes a quote from Peyton Siva’s Twitter page that states he’s not considering leaving Louisville in the wake of the recent scandal. Siva went to Franklin, of course, and UW was among the final schools in the running before he chose Louisville.

Now, onto Part II of the Fans Speak Out: Montlake Madness UW Husky Hoops Fan Poll. We’ll leave Part II up for a few days, and keep Part I open until tomorrow when I’ll publish the Part I results along with my opinion on those poll questions.

Okay, here’s part II of the poll: questions about the players.