Dickie V. Says We're Good: That's Awesome, Baby!

dick vitale diaper copy
Just a few links today: /

If you want to read more about Anderson Hunt, who I wrote about in yesterday’s post, check out this recent article, in which he says he doesn’t regret forsaking his coach’s advice about staying in school.

In checking out some early 2010 mock NBA drafts, I was thrilled to see Quincy Pondexter appear on two of them: here and here.

And, here’s another article on Nate Robinson’s protracted contract situation.

In case you missed it yesterday, B-Roy’s five-year deal is now official.

And, hey baby! Dick Vitale’s preseason top 40 rankings are out with the Huskies at 16 and Cal at 14. “Gaddy’s gonna be a real diaper dandy, baby!” (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

And, hey, thanks for coming!