Three Husky Haikus; Three Links

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Not much news, or time today, so just a few Husky haikus, and some links down below. Working on something more in-depth for tomorrow or Wednesday, and wanted to direct your attention to the left side of the page, where we’ve started the countdown to the season opener against Central Washington on November 4th. /

Still a ways to go until then, which means we’ve got plenty of time to prognosticate, preview, talk about keys to the season, and, of course, write some haikus about our favorite basketballers :

Madonna was right.

Coach: we need a Holiday.

Justin should shoot more.

Would be amazing,

Amaning, if you could hit

more of your jump hooks.

I hope this year brings

even more awesome steals, and

less turnovertons.

Here’s an article from the Everett Herald over the weekend on Jon Brockman.

And, here’s another point of view from the Hood Classic this weekend.

And, here’s a Justin Dentmon video from something called the “Black Baron Memorial Basketball Tournament.”

Hey, thanks for coming!