Your Slam Dunk Champion: 6-foot. . . something, Clarence Trent

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I’ve made the executive decision to cancel the second round of the Montlake Madness UW Husky Hoops Freshman Slam Dunk Contest. This first-ever contest at MM was a huge success, so thanks to everyone who voted! /

Receiving about three-quarters of the votes, Clarence Trent obliterated his teammates in the competition with his “Jumpman CT” throwdown (about 47 seconds into this video). There’s also not much more impressive dunk work of second-place finisher Abdul Gaddy to be found online, which makes sense considering he’s a 6’3″, pass-first point guard. Should you be concerned, though, check out this five-minute testament to Gaddy’s undeniable skills.

And here’s more Trent dunk footage to drool over. It’ll be interesting to see if he can impose his high-flying style on opponents as a freshman — something more likely at UW, with our fast-paced style, than on other teams.

One question we might not be able to answer until Coach Romar’s rotation takes shape next season is how Trent will be used position-wise. The Huskies list him at 6’5″, while other sites have him at 6’6″6’7″, and even 6’8″ (you’ll need to find Trent here on the roster of their 2007-08 team). He’s clearly a forward, and played the four-spot in high school, but if he’s closer to 6’5″, you have to assume that in a majority of circumstances, we’ll want two guys playing alongside him who are taller.

My best guess, based on everything I’ve seen and read, is that Trent will be used similarly to Quincy Pondexter, as far as position, playing the three or four, depending on whether we go with a big lineup or a small one. That is, of course, if Trent is lucky enough to break into the rotation much at all as a freshman. Just ask Scott Suggs about that.

I’ve got a hunch, though, that given his ability to grab rebounds on the offensive end, and score inside, Trent will earn at least some minutes with the Dawgs this year. I don’t think he’ll see enough time to be the team’s X-factor, but Trent is my pick to be its ZZZ-factor, the sleeper who plays his way into the regular rotation.

What do you think, Husky fans? Vote down below, and please drop a comment — especially if you’ve ever watched him play live. I’d love to hear your opinion of Trent’s game.

And, hey, thanks for coming!