WWU's Brad Jackson In, Coach Chillious Out?

Announced today on Twitter, UW and Coach Romar have hired Western Washington head coach Brad Jackson as an assistant coach. Fresh off a Division II title last season, Jackson has spent his last 27 years at WWU and has finally made the move south.

Romar seems very excited about the move from this article of on GoHuskies.com

I have tried to hire him before and it just didn’t work out. He is successful, very accomplished and knows the Northwest. He has been here forever. He is definitely going to help our program.

There will be a press conference on Monday where Romar will discuss the new hire and the upcoming trip to Europe and Africa. With only a certain amount of assistant coaching positions available, there needs to be a corresponding move made which is probably also going to be announced on Monday.

I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that rumors also began earlier this week that current Husky assistant Raphael Chillious was in contact with Villanova under coach Jay Wright. That move makes sense as Coach Chill has northeast ties who is highly regarded for his recruiting abilities and connections to Nike.

CBS’s Jeff Goodman had this to say in regard to the Chillous rumors..

I don’t know a lot about Coach Jackson other than he is highly respected in terms of his basketball knowledge and teaching ability, but there’s no doubt that his recruiting prowess won’t be as high as Coach Chill’s.

From what I’ve read, (not a lot) Coach Chillious has not been the “point man” on the 2013 recruits like Jabari Bird and Aaron Gordon. Those have been long standing Romar relationships so I wouldn’t expect the potential of the 2013 class to take a nose dive.

We’ll have more Monday (or sooner) when more details are released.


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  • http://twitter.com/Shawnuel Shawn McLaughlin

    I haven’t seen Jackson in 20 odd years but knew him when he coached Olympia High School in 1980-85. His first season was my senior year (80-81). GREAT guy. He took a team with a losing record (lost a TON of talent from the State final, ’79 graduating class) and brought us back to the state tourney. We lost to Detlef Schrempf’s Centralia Tigers early in the tourney, though we beat them twice in the Black Hills league regular season. Jackson made a huge difference with, pretty much, the same team that sucked in 79-80. The best thing about him is he is a phenomenal human being. You just can’t find a friend/acquaintance who has anything less than exemplary to say about the man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Basnight/599821317 Jim Basnight

    Chillious has done some good work with recruiting, but hiring Jackson is the right guy at the right time. UW needs coaching more than they need talent. It is no knock on Romar, Shaw or Fortier’s abilities to coach, but having a coach with the type of on court experience that Jackson brings is major asset for this season and the forseable future.

  • skeptical dawg

    Well the Times blog thread got me to doing some research and I feel qualified to post my take:

    sequimdawgbob made the point that recruiting is all done within the talent pool of which division, conference etc you’re in:

    Before his UW days, Romar sent 1 player in 6 years to the NBA from small conferences. In the 9 years in the Pac, Romar has sent (at least temporarily like Conroy) 11 players to the NBA.

    Romar got to a big stage school and attracted the talent that is available on the bigger stage. Just because you don’t get NBA talent in lower tiers doesn’t mean you can’t get it on the big stage. You would have said Romar couldn’t bring in the elite talent from his Pepperdine and St Louis days, but there just isn’t much NBA talent in the WCC and Conference USA.

    It’s getting the best talent that is available. Granted St. Louis kicked our butts last season, but that team was the first team to reach the NCAA tournament since, guess who? Lorenzo Romar’s. That would strongly suggest Romar was pulling in the best available talent being that the school was unable to replicate his results for near a decade.

    Now about Brad Jackson. 27 years at WWU and only now getting a national title? Not so fast. WWU only became a NCAA D2 school in 1998, which would mean he rose a new D2 school to a national champ in 13 years. He also got a final four appearance in 2001.

    That strongly suggests the improvement to D2 school from D3 (there is such a thing, learns something new every day), which is arguably just as big a step from D2 to D1 because D3 schools can’t offer athletic scholarships. There would be a huge talent gap between that and a scholarship school and made more talent available from playing on a bigger stage and he got that talent and got a national title and final four plus numerous other tourney runs.

    Jackson, like Romar got the best talent available at the lower levels and had success. Lots of people seem to be writing Jackson off as a recruiter, and I don’t think there is any basis for that other than looking down our noses bias about DII.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Basnight/599821317 Jim Basnight

    On “Talkin’ Hoops” tonight I give my take on the hiring of Brad Jackson, practices and all of the Husky Hoops news: