Pac-12 logo at 2011 Pacific-12 Conference media day. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Will YOU Be Able to Get the Pac-12 Network? I Won't!

I am mad as hell! Despite being a senior writer for The Husky Haul, I will not be able to get the Pac-12 Network and see my Dawgs play! Even though I live in Arizona, well within the boundaries of the Pac-12′s historic footprint, my internet provider has decided that they are not interested in serving my needs. This got me wondering, who else among us is not going to be able to gain access to the new Pac-12 Network? How many other Husky fans will be left out in the cold because our corporate overlords are too greedy or lazy to give their customers what they demand?

When I first heard about the Pac-12 Network being formed, I was so excited! I have moved around quite a bit in my life, including living in Italy for 4 years, and have always had to get my Husky fix via various pirated internet streams including most recently the good graces of those who supply games on and other similar sites. But, with the Pac-12 network coming, the opportunity was there to allow Husky fans anywhere in the world to see the University of Washington and the other 11 conference members on the TV via cable/satellite providers or streaming live over the internet. I was more than willing to pay a personal subcription fee, perhaps $10/month to have something legitimate and reliable.

When it was announced that you could go to the Pac-12 Network webpage and enter your zip code and service provider and get information about the availability of the network, I was disappointed to see that my provider Suddenlink Communications was not listed. So, I went ahead and clicked on the link that would “Send a Request”.

But, I did more than that. I took to Twitter demanding Suddenlink offer the network with the hashtag #Iwantpac12networks

Then, I went ahead and I emailed Suddenlink asking whether they would be offering it at some time in the future. Here is their response:

“Dear Jeff Taylor,
Thank you for your email. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you today.  At this time we do not have any plans to offer this service.  Thank you for choosing Suddenlink.”

Pac-12 logo at 2011 Pacific-12 Conference media day. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

So, basically it was a big F-U from my wonderful internet provider based in Missouri. However, fittingly my monthly bill actually gets sent to Texas. Makes sense, of course, given that the Texas Longhorns gave the Pac-12 a big F-U with their demands for the Longhorn Network.

It wasn’t that I wanted Suddenlink to begin with. I tried to go with a local small business internet provider. But, after two months Suddenlink suddenly bought them out. Now I deal with random and frequent connectivity issues, increased monthly rates, and crappy customer service. I will definitely consider switching providers, but will there be any in Flagstaff who offer the Pac-12 network? According to the Pac-12 website the answer is NO. So, how does one leave out an entire city within the Pac-12′s footprint? Just because Northern Arizona University is in the Big Sky doesn’t mean there are not a lot of Pac-12 fans up there.

Anyways, I have read on the Pac-12 Network FAQ page that they have not yet been able to ice deals with Dish Network, DirecTV, UVerse, and several other providers they are in negotiations with. Thus, they remain limited to only four providers at this time; Comcast, Cox Cable, Time Warner Cable, and Brighthouse.

But, all of this frustration makes me wonder; how many other Pac-12 fans are getting the big middle finger and will STILL be unable to get the Pac-12 Network and watch the games they want to watch. Take the poll below.

Will Your Provider Be Offering the Pac-12 Network?

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Of the tens of millions of people within the Pac-12 footprint of California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, what percentage of the potential fanbase will be left out in the cold? How many thousands or millions of Pac-12 fans are there in the rest of the country or living overseas will be unable to watch their favorite team? That is certainly something I will be investigating in the near future and will give you the best estimate I can soon.

In addition, I will soon have up an interview with the Pac-12 Vice President for Communications Kirk Reynolds and the Pac-12′s plans for offering services to more fans around the country and around the world. 

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  • Paul

    I guess I don’t know much about this. Is this the only access to Husky games? Next season will most Husky b-ball games be on Root sports like past years or is that not an option for the upcoming season? Thanks.

  • Dave

    I will get it and i live in Texas with Time Warner cable.

  • huskylenz

    Paul, great question. I’ll look into this, as I know the TV contracts have changed with the new deals. But, if you live outside of the Seattle area, you options are limited.

  • John M.

    YAE it’s a go in Hoquiam WA. Shopping for a big screen. Provider is Comcast

  • TheDawgDude

    AT&T in Los Angeles is shut out as well. It looks like only Time Warner has an agreement with the Pac-12 Networks in this area. Obviously, this is a goddamn outrage. Hopefully our prayers for a personal streaming subscription will be answered in the near future, but for now let’s blanket them in angry demands.

  • kapapala

    None for me in Hawaii. I definitely want the personal streaming via internet. I’d pay $20/month just for that!

  • Oregoncardsfan

    It’s an ongoing process, a somewhat lengthy and posturing process. My guess is that only one satellite provider will carry the new network. Hopefully it’s directTV but money talks and I posted an article earlier in the times w/ this whole thing geared towards the metro areas of the west coast. It seems the PAC reps have no problem shutting out the whole regions of the schools in favor of population centers.

  • Steve

    It’s funny because when this was announced a couple years ago I recalled the horrors of BYU fans and other fans in the MWC who cursed the MTN network for years and years because no provider carried it. I brought this up on a few internet forums and was ridiculed…unfortunately it looks like I was right

  • Alpine

    I’d like an online-only option and would pay a premium. I, like an increasing number of people have cut the cable & go internet only. – Austin TX

  • AT

    I live in Bellevue and can’t get the Pac 12 network as I am a DirecTV subscriber. I guess there is hope they will reach an agreement before football season.