Dec 14, 2011; College Park, MD, USA; Maryland Terrapins forward James Padgett (35) goes up for a shot as FIU Panthers center Gilles Dierickx (15) defends in the first half at Comcast Center. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE

Washington Huskies Land 7-Foot Transfer Gilles Dierickx

In a recruiting period that seemed to be closed for the Washington Huskies. Lorenzo Romar and the Washington Huskies have landed another big-man transfer in 7’0 Gillies Dierickx from Florida International University. As first reported by the LA Times.

Dierickx played high school basketball at West Hills Chaminade in California but heirs from Belgium. He played one year for the FIU Panthers and will have three left to play for the Huskies. He will be required to sit out the 2012 year according to D-1 transfer rules, and will be eligible to play for the Dawgs in 2013.

According to the FIU Bio page:

Appeared in 29 games for the Panthers, starting in 15…Averaged 2.6 points-per-game and 2.2 rebounds-per-game…Shot 48.6 percent (34-of-70) from the floor (second-best shooting percentage on the team)…Converted 8-of-10 attempts (80.0 percent) from the free-throw line…Ranked No. 3 on the team in blocked shots (16)…Averaged 0.4 assists-per-game and an assist-to-turnover ratio of 0.3.

Not an overwhelming stat line in his freshman campaign but shows lots of potential at the mid-major university. He will also have a year to learn under Aziz N’Diaye and battle alongside Perris Blackwell.

It may not make sense to many UW fans as the 2013 recruiting class was/is to be a big haul of high school talent and already two scholarships are pushed into transfers, Blackwell and Dierickx. Lorenzo Romar may have something up his sleeve but it is befuddling now. And while these two can’t play the 2012 season there is no doubt that it helps in practice to have these two extra big men.

One more thought is that 2013 is a big class for forwards and guards but impressive big men are lacking. This may be Romar’s way of adding big-men to the guards and forwards that he wants to bring in. Keep in mind that guys like Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker both want to play the 3 in college.

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  • Guest

    I do not find this befuddling. I think the whole “save the scholarship” line of thought is misplaced. There are 2013 kids interested, not committed. Save the scholarship if there isn’t anyone worth giving a scholarship to, but turning away 2012 kids because of 2013 interest is not a good recruitment strategy. Now, of course, this is contingent Gilles being worthy of a scholarship, which I assume his is, otherwise, why would Romar take him. I believe he’s said as much in the past, why fill a scholarship just to fill it.
    People are going to bellyache about this because of the 2013 potential. If I have my numbers correct, UW still has two openings for 2013. This goes back to my point above, but do you really think UW can land four of the top 2013 talent in the country? The west coast? What about three? It is looking promising with the interest, but still, getting three top recruits in any other year would be awesome but because Romar could have saved one, it is now a cause for question.
    Even so, go read that interview Percy Allen had with Romar. Read what he said about Wilcox.

  • uwcraigery

    Romar must have something up his sleeve or is expecting some natural attrition. With us heavily in the mix for Gordon, Bird and a slim chance of landing Parker, why would he sign a Joe Wolfinger clone? Granted this guy can play in the paint better than Aziz, but he just looks average to me. I am still scratching my head over this one.

  • Andrew

    Unfortunately he reminds me of Joe Wolfinger.
    I’m hoping i’m completley wrong.

  • Brett

    I don’t get where the Wolfinger comparison is coming from. He showed more skills around the basket in that clip than Wolfinger showed in his entire UW tenure. Also, this doesn’t take a spot away from any of the biggies we’re after. As of right now there are two spots left. Add another spot due to transfer and/or early entry (which will almost certainly happen), and you have three openings. Still plenty of room for the “dream” scenario.

    • Andrew

      They both shoot outside shots, and its not hard to make post shots when you are towering over your defenders in high school.

      I’m hoping im completely wrong. He will have a chance to sit out a year and practice against Aziz and Blackwell (among others).

      It does hurt the scholarship situation because If somebody does leave it wont be until the end of next year, and a lot of recruits decide before that. What if Washington does not have an open scholarship when a recruit wants to commit. Sure he can wait and see if one opens up, but will they actually do that? I just think its a risky pick up but maybe i’m just being way to skeptical.