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2012 Husky Basketball Recruiting Class - Total Bust?

The Huskies have effectively closed the books on the 2012 recruiting class after unsuccessfully attempting to land William Howard and Mouhammadou Jaiteh. The Huskies did add two transfer recruits, only one of which will play this season. Is 2012 then a bust in terms of recruiting?

Pay it Forward

Closing 2012 with one scholarship remaining, means it can essentially be rolled over to 2013, the class that Lorenzo Romar and his staff have their sights set on. Romar’s off to a great start in landing a bona fide leader in Nigel Williams-Goss, who has also stated a desire to attract other 2013 recruits to UW.

McLaughlin…Fill it Up, Son!

It seems that every year national writers and fans alike are asking, “Where will the Huskies turn to replace the scoring that left?” due to graduation, or in the case of this year, the draft. 32 points per game walked out the door as freshman phenom Tony Wroten and sophomore sharp-shooter Terrence Ross declared early for the NBA draft. The answer, in part, to that pressing question is Mark McLaughlin, a transfer from Tacoma Community College, where his 27.5 points per game lead the nation. Long recognized a D-1 talent, expect McLaughlin to make an immediate contribution at the wing. McLaughlin is also an above average passer and has respectable handles for a guard with his size, 6’6” and right around 200 lbs.

Turn to the Returning

Recruiting classes are only part of the equation, which is strange, I know, to assert in an article on the same topic. Recruiting classes make for good national discussion for sure, but what about what a team returns? Keep in mind that Scott Suggs will be returning for his final season – treat him as a one and done! I think Husky fans will see immediately why he was sorely missed last season – sharp shooting, calm and collected, knowledge of the Husky way. The aforementioned departure of Ross and Wroten and the need for backcourt scoring and able defense will also be filled by C.J. Wilcox. The Huskies perimeter game will put enormous pressure on opposing defenses, which creates other lanes and looks for others.

No Fronting on the Front Line

With the Huskies unable to land Howard or Jaiteh, another member of the frontcourt will need to step up. Aziz N’Diaye returns for his senior season and it’s reasonable to expect what he’s already proven – an intimidating 7 footer clogging the middle and windexing the glass. However, there are minutes to be had at the small forward spot, and while Desmond Simmons has the advantage returning after an effective freshman campaign, it remains to be seen who else can contribute at that position. Perhaps Romar will opt for a “by committee” type of rotation, but there are viable candidates in Breunig, Kemp and Jarreau. See the great analysis on the matter by John Chase.

Time will tell how the 2012/2013 team gels, but I believe the pieces are there, even if the 2012 recruiting class was a bit “thin” in terms of numbers. As such, the stage is set for those who have played in the system for a few years to contribute in a big way and the “newcomers” – including redshirt freshmen – to carve their own important niche.

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  • Peter Shin

    Andrews and Jerreau redshirting really helped soften the ‘lackluster’ recruiting year. As far as I’m concerned, they’re our class of 2012 freshmen except with a year of going against the likes of Wroten and Gant in practice every day. We may not have gotten any ‘star’ HS seniors, but with Andrews & Jerreau coming in to go with added wing scoring in Suggs & McLaughlin, I’m pretty content with how the roster shaped up. Now just go get Nigel some stud 2013 classmates!

    • Sean LeRoy

      Hey Peter, thanks for the comment! I agree; like the way 2012 rounded out because of what you point out above.

  • dawgmatic

    From the title of this article, I was afraid it was going to descend into the “fire Romar, it’s all Hellish losing from now on” mentality.

    Instead, I notice actual intelligence.

    Romar knows that with oodles of freshmen unable last year to garner playing time due to inability to master in one season his demanding defense, this year was not the time to bring in more freshmen.

    Sure, if a five star numero uno shows up begging to be allowed on the team, yeah maybe.

    So, along with an abundance of talent ALREADY ON THE ROSTER expected to bust out this year (Shawn freaking KEMP Jr, the athletic Martin Breunig, and the long, skilled Jennard Jareau) this year brings a highly experienced shooting guard named Scott Suggs, a proven shooter. Not bad. Talent and experience.

    And then Romar brings in the leading (LEADING) scorer in American JC hoops. More experience and talent, if not familiarity with Romar’s system.

    This really IS the year we don’t need five FRESHMEN recruits.

    NEXT year, a different story.

    But that’s when we’ll likely get at least one five star stud, maybe two, and certainly some excellent lesser-knowns.

    The”fire Romar” thinking, or the more moderate “woes is us, it’s over” mentality is puzzling.

    (The psychologist in me theorizes that the doom and gloom is a defense against fear of loss. They preempt losing and thereby defend themselves by thinking we’ve already lost. Yah can’t lose if you’re already a loser. Yes, I’ll keep my day job!)

    In any event, true Husky fans, men and women with backbone and heart, persons of both passion and apollonic ideation, take courage!

    The doom-and-gloom crowd is nuts!

    • Sean LeRoy

      Thanks Dawgmatic! Agreed…
      If we can get defensive buy-in from the get-go, and at least some contribution at the 4, I think we’ll be fine.