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2013 Recruiting: The Scholarship Situation

Lorenzo Romar is heavily recruiting the 2013 class. It has been dubbed the ‘biggest recruiting’ class in the Romar era. Primarily, because there are some big time recruits that have UW on the radar. Players like Jabari Parker, Aaron Gordon, Isaac Hamilton, Marcus Lee, Nigel Williams-Goss, etc.

This has led many to believe that 2013 could be a mammoth class for UW if the pieces fall into place for Romar. Either way it has started with a bang in the verbal commitment of Nigel Williams-Goss and Husky fans are hoping that it continues.

Currently, the Huskies have one remaining scholarship for the 2012 class. Indications are that Romar isn’t opposed to using it for 2012 if he finds the right fit. UW hosted  Mouhammadou Jaiteh last week and he may be a potential big man to fill that last scholarship.

If not him or another 2012 recruit, there will be one more scholarship for 2013, bringing the total of certain scholarships up to four.

As of now, this is how it looks for 2013:

  1. Empty scholarship from 2012.
  2. Abdul Gaddy graduates.
  3. Aziz N’Diaye graduates.
  4. Scott Suggs graduates.

From there, if UW needs more scholarships, things are a little more complicated. Because as of now, with one open scholarship next year, three seniors graduating, and Williams-Goss committed. That leaves three scholarships for 2013. Husky fans were hoping for more but three may be all Romar has to work with for 2013.

The other options:

  • Transfers- of course, a player could transfer and that would open up a spot on the Husky roster. Honestly, this could be a big possibility because of how mammoth the 2011 recruiting class was for UW. They signed six; Shawn Kemp, Jernard Jarreau, Andrew Andrews, Hikeem Stewart, Tony Wroten (now in the NBA draft), and Martin Breunig. The chances are high that one of them will not be happy with the amount of playing time they are receiving by the end of next year. However, maybe not?
  • NBA Draft- The NBA could call another underclassmen on into the NBA. Currently, on the Husky roster there may only be one guy that fits that bill in CJ Wilcox.
  • Then there is Perris Blackwell. As of now, Blackwell will have to sit out a year so he will be playing the same time as this incoming class of 2013. However, there was mention that he would try to graduate this summer and play right away in 2012. That would be another scholarship, however, it seems unlikely that he will be able to graduate from San Francisco in time.
  • Mark Mclaughlin is a talent, some scouts that I have talked to have even said he is better than Suggs and would start over him. Others are saying if he plays at the top of his game he may be only be a one year guy. However, most likely Mclaughlin is at Montlake for two. He will free up a scholarship spot for 2014.

Obviously, the chances are low that UW lands every caliber commit they are interested in, so maybe the two or three open currently, is enough for Romar. Husky fans would say to this, “Romar Math” aka Romar always finds a way to bring in the guys he convinces to come to Washington.

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  • Kapapala

    With Williams-Goss in, Andrews having 4 years left, and if Romar signs another big time guard (not if, when), Stewart is the odd man out. He will also have a redshirt year available. Look for Stewart to transfer in 2013 one way or another.

    • Rossb

      It seems like people have been talking about Stewart being the odd man out as soon as he got here. Andrews is supposedly the greater talent, so he should have red shirted (as the story goes). Everything I’ve read suggests that he is a very smart kid, so he
      probably knows that if he can’t make it as a guard at the UW, he can’t
      make it anywhere. Transferring doesn’t make sense. If Stewart doesn’t play great enough to earn quality minutes, then maybe he just wants to play for four years, get his degree, talk about how he played for a great program and get on with his life. Either way sounds good to me. Personally, from what I saw last year, I could easily see him being a defensive stopper.

  • Rossb

    Another possibility (and this is remote) is that Kemp might give up his scholarship. I would imagine he could borrow money from his dad. Who knows what Kemp Jr. wants to do when he is through with school. He probably has NBA dreams, but if that doesn’t work, then what? Maybe he wants to coach, or somehow get involved in basketball other than playing. If that is the case, then his name would certainly help; sacrificing his scholarship would help as well.

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