Perris Blackwell joins Mark McLaughlin as newest Dawgs

by: Griffin Bennett

As just announced from the UW Athletic Department, former USF power forward Perris Blackwell will transfer and join the Huskies squad but he will have to sit out one year for eligibility reasons. Blackwell is 6’9 240lbs and averaged 12.7 ppg and 6.1 rpg last season for the Dons.

It’s unfortunate that he will have to sit out this upcoming season as he size and scoring ability in the post is much needed. However, he should be a solid replacement for Aziz after he graduates next year. Check out more from Percy’s post right here.

What’s his impact? Obviously none next year other than the fact that he takes away one of the remaining 2 scholarships available for next season. Watching only a bit of film on him, he looks like a less athletic version of MBA. Hopefully he uses next year to really develop defensively.

In other news, Mark McLaughlin committed last week to UW out of Tacoma Community College. He led the nation in scoring with 27 points per game and looks to fill the role of Terrence Ross next year. He has a great long distance shot and he can finish at the rim a la Brandon Roy. It looks effortless and smooth which is fabulous to see.

His impact? I could definitely see him as a starter at some part this next season. He’s obviously very unknown but there is a lot to like about him. He prides himself on his defense and he is very mature for only a junior. After countless transfers, the 22 year old is ready to move on and finally compete and the highest level.

You can read more about him from our friends over at Husky Haul right here.

That leaves one more scholarship available for Coach Romar. Will he use it?

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  • Michael

    honestly this really concerns me for next year…I do not think we have a chance to compete with zona or ucla now I do not think any of our 4s can compete with Brandon Ashley or the wear twins

  • dawgiedaddy

    Yeah, I agree w/ Michael. McLaughlin is a great signing, who will have a major impact next year, but I really don’t get it w/ Blackwell. I’d love to have him next year, but if he has to sit out a year, why burn a scholarship for 2013, on a kid that you KNOW is a one-and-done?

    So we still have a hole next year that we can’t fill, we have one less spot for the vaunted class of ’13, and we lose this kid after ’13-’14. Blackwell’s a nice player, but he’s not all-Pac12 material. Tell me again how this helps us??

  • the_insider

    Romar better use that last scholarship for a decent big man THIS YEAR! I don’t see how we come close to competing for the division without a low post scoring threat. Unless the rumors are true and Blackwell can somehow be eligible this year…..I don’t have a good feeling for next year.

  • John Chase

    Blackwell could make himself eligible by graduating from USF this year. Doing so would allow him to enroll with UW as a graduate student, thus making him immediately eligible to play. At least that is how I understand things.

  • PT

    I am a little concerned this morning after hearing what Coach Romar said yesterday on KJR. He talked about not using scholarships just to use up scholarships. To me it seems like that is exactly what he did with Blackwell (unless he can graduate)?

    Romar also didn’t sound very positive about bringing in another player. It would seem more benefical to bring in a project than a guy that is not going to play more than one year? What is everyone elses take???

  • Thurl Bailey

    I’d like to have him for next year also but to question how this guy will help us? He hopefully can step right in when Aziz leaves, especially if Kemp does not develop. Not Pac 12 material? Well, after last year I believe the WCC was above the Pac 12. He will help us, he will be able to catch the ball and make a move to the rim. He already knows how to score just learn defense. This is good for us just not for next year. I’ve been watching this recruiting and who Romar is recruiting closely and I feel that he does not want to disrupt the 2013 cart with still filling the holes as best he can to be competitive. It’s not like we have an empty cart here. I’m excited to have Suggs, AA, Mac and Jennard next year. We’ve won the Pac 12 tournament or the league championship the last four years. I think I will trust what Romar is trying to do.

  • ddogg

    I think a older better Gaddy and modivated Andrews for Wroten will be a wash at the PG spot, I really do. Quite possibly an upgrade by confrence play (If Andrews plays like I have seen him play in summer league games).

    I think a Suggs, JJ and Mac will be close to a wash for Ross. Maybe a negitive 3-4pts a game… but lets not discount what Suggs did in 2010 vs. what Ross did in 2010. Suggs was really turning into a good player at the 2 and 3 spot.

    Who picks up gants production? I actually think Mac can come close to doing this single handed. But throw Martin and Kemp in there for 10min each and they get 8 boards total and 8pts total no problem.

    Keep Aziz shooting ft’s this summer, keep Gaddy shooting from all over, keep suggs healthy, keep Kemp lifting and running and I think we win another 25 games next year… I really do.

    I buy Romars excitment and will be right here cheering these guys on.

    Is this the year we finally win a big non confrence road game??? At UCONN with a more experienced team??? I like the fact that they are losing thier best player too (Lamb).

  • dawgiedaddy

    @John Chase, Yeah dude, we know the rules. The question is, is there any realistic possibility that he can in fact graduate before he gets here? I don’t have any inside info, but it sounds like the answer is no.

    If you can actually look into the kid’s academic situation, that would be great. If not, well again, we know the rules. Or at least most of us do.

  • Griffin

    I’m hearing that UW and Blackwell think that there still is a good possibility that he can graduate this summer and be eligible for the upcoming season. The school won’t say as much until it’s 100% official but that is the plan and goal as of now.

    I’ll give it 50/50 odds that this comes true but the fact that I’m hearing this is a great sign that it’s possible.

  • dawgiedaddy

    I hope you’re right, Griffin. That would be great news. You can’t say who your source is, can you?

  • Thurl Bailey

    He’s not going to graduate. He is two quarters shy and you can’t do that in Summer.

  • dawgiedaddy

    “He’s not going to graduate. He is two quarters shy and you can’t do that in Summer.”

    Does that include the current quarter or not? If he’ll be two quarters shy after this one, then yeah, there’s no way. But if he’s two quarters short right now, then he could definitely finish in the summer. I haven’t seen that clarified yet.

    Also, is USF inb any trouble w/ their APR? I haven’t heard that they are, but I have to wonder why SIX kids are transferring in one year. Obviously, if they’re subject to sanctions, that would be another avenue where he could play immediately.

    IMO if there’s a 50/50 chance that he could play next year, then it’s definitely worth the risk, considering the worst-case scenario is that he has to sit out a year. Hopefully more comes out on this.