One and done, Wroten declares for the NBA

by: Griffin Bennett

Two days after his teammate Terrence Ross decided to leave for the NBA, Tony Wroten joined him in leaving Montlake and will hire an agent to prepare for his future as a pro. His time at UW was brief and not without controversy. He may have been the most polarizing Husky in recent memory but his skills are undeniable.

Is he ready to make the jump? Most will say he’s not. He has not jumper to speak of and never seemed to completely master the team concept in college. He could definitely have used another year to develop at UW.

On the other hand, there are reports that teams like the Atlanta Hawks have told him that they love him and will take him in the first round. It’s hard for any man to turn down guaranteed money and your dream in the NBA. It’s hard to hate a kid for chasing his dream.

I think what rubs Husky fans the wrong way about this is that he preached his loyalty to Seattle and UW all throughout his recruitment and into the season. He even went as far to say that he was going to stay all four years at UW and lead us to a Final Four (no one believed him). After failing to get the Huskies even to the NCAA tournament, he decided to leave the team ‘high and dry’ without even a guarantee to be a lottery pick.

Either way, it’s time to move on. I trust that Tony and his family made the right decision and I think he will eventually thrive in the NBA.

On to next year.

Speaking of that… Poll time!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


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  • PT

    Good Luck!

  • ddogg

    Good luck to tony…. not his fault he is in this stupid NCAA/NBA system.

    Don’t hate the player – hate the system the play must play in.

    That said, we are going to get much more effecient guard play next year at the PS position.

    Remember when Romar sort of told Doug Wrenn to go pro 10 years back? He was by far the most talented player on the court – but low and behold the team go better the next year after he left???


  • ddogg

    FYI – do you hear the cheers from Andrews and Gaddy?

    Gaddy – this is your team to lead now – make the Sr leap that Qpon and Roy did their Sr years and we will be in great shape!!!

  • dawgiedaddy

    Well, good luck Tone. I don’t think it’s a good decision, but we’ll see. Bust your ass, and work all summer on your J, your right hand, your free-throws and your D. That’d be a good start. You’ll get paid, one way or the other.

    As for the polls, no, yes and CJ Wilcox. I couldn’t answer the last question. As the roster is currently constituted, I would say the team would most likely be worse than this year. But throw in say McLaughlin and Oriakhi (sounds like we’re in pretty good shape w/ both those kids, but who knows?), and I’d say we’re better next year, despite the loss of high-end talent.

    How about asking the last question after the spring signing period?

  • Tone

    Best of luck Tone W and Terrence. Make us proud in the NBA. Thanks for being a part of Romarball and our Husky program.

    Now, time to fill some needs and get ready for next year. Let’s see what magic Romar pulls out of the hat in the coming weeks. In Lorenzo we trust.

  • Evan

    I’ve got Wilcox averaging 16+, Gaddy 13 and 6, Aziz 9 and 9, Suggs 14-15. Depending on if we pick up anyone quality, I think it’ll be a very different team with a fairly similar result, but probably looking at a low NCAA seed unless they become VERY team oriented, with no real star (Wilcox isn’t quite there).
    Andrews I think will have a similar impact as Simmons this year, coming off his redshirt year, backing up a position of need. I don’t think he’ll be able to take the starter spot from Gaddy, like Simmons did Gant, but he’ll contribute quality minutes.
    Man, I can’t believe its Gaddy’s senior year next year. I feel like it was just yesterday that he was a struggling freshman

  • Husky808

    I wouldn’t be “throwing in” Oriakhi just yet. His final list is: UNC, UK, Missouri, Duke, Xavier and NC State.

    As for next year’s team, the only late recruit that would make me say the team will be better next year than this year is if Romar signed a big that had a somewhat developed post game. Without that, we’ll once again have an imbalanced roster with the vast majority of our talent/scoring concentrated in 2 wing players.

    Defensively, we’ll have the same discrepancy. Wilcox, Suggs, Gaddy are all solid defenders (both on ball and off ball). Breunig, Kemp, Simmons all had trouble staying on the court due to defensive lapses. You would imagine Jernard Jarreau will have the same issues. Aziz will be our only good inside defender.

    I’m hoping that the problem of not having 2 players that can create their own shot off the dribble guaranteed will be mitigated by actually running way more offense, having way more off the ball movement, and taking better shots off of multiple passes.

    Rebounding will of course be a concern.
    Gant averaged 5.2 Rebounds per game and 8.25 over his last 8 games.
    Wroten averaged 5 Rebounds per game. They were mostly put backs off his own misses, but still.
    Ross was our 2nd leading rebounder at 6.5 per game.

    So overrall, it’s give and take, resulting in not much, if any, progress forward.
    I’m hearing some people on blogs and KJR say they’ll make the tournament. I don’t see how. To get in , you need to beat several solid teams in the non conference (which Romar’s teams never do) and have a pretty good conference record (I don’t see this team going 14-4 or even 13-5. There is NO way the Pac12 is this horrible next year.)

    My, admittedly very pessimistic, prediction: The improvement next season’s team will make is they will lose games in a less maddening fashion than this season’s team.

  • Ca Dawg Fan

    I think the leading scorer next year will either be CJ or Scott, unless someone else surprises. It could be a close race between these two.

    I also think this can be a better team next year. There may not be any superstars but it is a solid group of players with a lot more experience. In 2009 the Cal team won the conference and went to the NCAA tourney with 4 starting seniors, but none of them were necessarily elite talent. I see this team being similar to that one, making it with maturity, teamwork and experience.

    We sort of saw the same thing this year with Oregon. Most of those guys didn’t even know each other before the season started, and they did pretty well due to the experience of the individual players.

  • RossB

    There is a tradeoff and risk no matter which way Tony decided to go.

    Right now, he needs to become a better defender, a better free throw shooter, develop a right hand and a jump shot. If he stayed and improved in any of those areas, he would be a high first round pick. The scouts would assume that he would continue to grow, and expect him to be a great player in three or four years.

    If he stayed and didn’t improve in any of those skills, than he would drop to the second round. People would doubt his ability to improve, and not want to take a chance. In many ways, this is the safer choice, even though it may not be the most rewarding, from a financial standpoint. If he has a long and productive career, then it won’t make a difference. But if he struggles adapting to the pro game, or gets injured after a couple of years, then he probably left a lot of money on the table. Of course, if he got injured next year in college and never fully recovered, it would cost him a lot more.

  • RossB

    As for next year, we should be OK at guard. We will have plenty of depth, if not the same level of talent. This should allow us to play more aggressive defense.

    The big question remains our bigs. Who can step up and hit a mid-range jumper? Gaddy seems quite capable of running a great pick and roll or pick and pop. He saw how I. T. parleyed that into a great college career, followed by a very good start of a pro career. It is a tough play to defend if run well at either level. But you need someone who can hit that shot. If Simmons can hit a 15 footer against a smaller player, we could be deadly on offense. Suggs and Wilcox can spread the floor, making it impossible for the guys guarding them to help. Aziz can just position himself on the opposite corner of the key. We won’t need a traditional “drop the ball down low” offense, but just a big forward who can run the pick and roll. If he have that, we should be great on offense.

    Likewise, we lose a fair amount of defense with Gant. He defended the pick and roll as well as anyone I’ve seen. He could defend guys a lot smaller than himself. Simmons hasn’t shown the ability to do that. If he, or someone else can step up and play better defense, we should be OK. If not, then teams with good big players will have their way and it will be a tough season.

  • Evan

    McLaughlin sounds like he can be an immediate contributor and compete with Suggs for the 2/3 starting role right away.

  • PT

    I just wonder what happened to guys wanting to be the number one pick and not just being satisfied with getting picked? Seriously, why has just making it become the norm? It seems to me that there are so many players in the NBA that has so much potential but just never live up? Why?

  • CA Dawg Fan

    I was thinking Simmons for the pick and roll too. He’s got some quickness and has shown the ability to hit the short jumpers, and he’s big enough to get to the basket as well. Kemp may be an option too if he improves alot over the off-season.

  • Tone

    Kentucky alone is killing the game of college basketball.4 straight top recruiting classes. This is not what made college BB fun to watch over the years. Diversity and parity have made this one of the greatest sporting events to watch each year.

    Unless something is rapidly done to kill this one and done approach to the game, this sport is doomed.

    I for one, will give up on the game. And it has nothing to do with the UW.

    Love my Dawgs but $$$ and UK are hurting this game big time.

    Emmet – Please help.

  • Jim Basnight


  • purp squad

    perris blackwell has signed with the huskies