Terrence Ross declares for the NBA

by: Griffin Bennett

It’s a sad day but we can’t say that we didn’t expect it. He has elite skills at a position (two guard) that is lacking in the NBA these days. He was lightning in a bottle and put on some amazing shows while here at Montlake. He single-handedly won multiple games this year as well making a key contribution to last years amazing run into the NCAA tournament.

While he still has more to learn, it’s not like he can’t learn them in the league. There’s a lot to love about Terrence Ross if you are an NBA GM. His smooth jumper and ability to finish a the rim, as well as above it, make him a very intriguing prospect. He has had NBA comparisons to James Harden, J.R. Smith, Nick Young, and many others.

I think he still has a bit more to learn but he could definitely contribute right away off of the bench for a contender. He may not be mentally ready to surge onto the scene like Roy or Thomas but his skills certainly match them.

I had the opportunity to spend a day with Terrence early this year and I can say that he is incredibly humble and I trust that he made an educated decision  which was the right choice for him.

He will be greatly missed next season but we all will enjoy watching his progress in the NBA.

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  • http://www.huskydigest.com Jim Basnight
  • ddogg

    Go represent TRoss – for the UW baby, you will always be welcome back! We hope you work out here in the summer with the other UW NBA guys.

    How many Huskies have seen NBA action over the past 7 years? Nate Rob / Hawes / Brockness / Dentman / IT / BROY / Conroy / QPon / Bobby J / now Ross and probably Wroten… that has got to be good for recruits looking to come and play for Romar – 10-11 guys in 6-7 years, all 5 positions on the court represented above… Gordon / Byrd and Levine you reading this!! Be a stars for us and join the family in the NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any news on that kid from Conn that is transfering?? Does he feel like jumping right into the starting line up that averages 80pts a game next year?

  • http://www.huskydigest.com Jim Basnight

    You forgot Will Conroy, who has played a couple of NBA contracts. Don’t forget Martell Webster, who signed with UW, but went to the league before the 19 year old rule.

  • ddogg

    I got Will up there… and I don’t know about Martell – I was around when he announced – the kid knew the whole time he was NBA gone.

    You got to play a year in my book.

  • http://www.huskydigest.com Jim Basnight

    Husky Digest reporting that according to a text from a source, “(2012 JC guard) Mark (McLaughlin) to UW, not official, but it’s decided”.

  • http://uwbasketblog.blogspot.com John Chase

    Well that’s good. We will need more guards now that Wroten has declared for the draft.