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Emotionally Irrational Husky Fan: You're One of Us

I knew the time would come eventually, especially when the site numbers started to really explode. When people from all over the country and all over Washington were streaming in and through the site almost daily. The time would come when “trolls” (as they are so aptly named) would come crawling in and leaving irrational comments that spent more time attacking than really making a point. Let’s spend a few minutes to address this issue.

The Husky fan-base has lately come under scrutiny because of recent comments made to recruits via social media platforms. These recruits in turn said they turned down Washington because of the “crazy fans”. This is not a good look for any University much less one with such pedigree behind it as Washington.

I had a nationally recognized media member tell me that amongst Pac-12 schools, UW fans were the worst when it came to “trolling”. These select fans would irrationally spew emotions out in comment sections of sites, on message boards, on twitter, on facebook, etc. Emotions that are not healthy to express. Emotions that probably would have been better expressed by punching a pillow. Emotions that would start a fight in a dark alley or in a light alley or not even in an alley.

Coach Steve Sarkisian said at his 2012 Signing Day press conference about social media in recruiting,

“In my opinion, it’s an absolute mess. We’ve got to figure something out, I feel for these kids and their families who have to read things about themselves. They’re trying to make lifelong decisions, in the ultimate team game, and they’re forced into a very personal decision that puts them out there…It’s unfortunate in a sense, but exciting in that fans care that much. We have to find out where to embrace and where to limit. We’re kind of in uncharted waters. It’s not there yet, but we’re getting to the point where it’s getting a little bit out of control.”

While UW is certainly not the only school with this problem, the problem is alive and well amongst Husky fans.

The reality is, these “trolls” are only a select few that are so charged up about their Huskies that they can’t handle their emotions and spew it out onto one of the most public places imaginable, the internet. This in turn is looked at and scrutinized and yet somehow it isn’t stopped.

To take an expression from PEMCO, Emotionally Irrational Husky Fan; you’re one of us. Not that we run around attacking 17 year old kids with words on twitter, or tearing down a person because you hate their idea. But in the sense that at TheHuskyHaul.com you are amongst other Husky fans. And your behavior is not wanted here, or really anywhere on the internet for that matter. But you are, as a Husky fan wanted here, when you are rational and ready to debate and discuss rather than kill and destroy.

The student section at Husky home games is called the “Dawg Pack”. Dogs look out for their own, they don’t attack their own, they protect them.

As a Husky fan it is your duty to be civil with other Husky fans. I am not saying you need to agree with everything they say but you need to rationally explain your point and not irrationally attack them as a person.

If you are a EIHF (Emotionally Irrational Husky Fan), remember these simple things:

  • You are not a Duck fan. Keep your ridiculous insults to yourself or at least not pointed at other UW fans or recruits.
  • You are not a Cougar fan. Keep your stupid comments to yourself.
  • Play nice, comment nice, and don’t be a jerk. You can disagree, you can even think that what you just read was the worst piece of Husky reporting in the ENTIRE WORLD. But there is no need to attack the author. Attack their points, come back with your own. Rationally come up with an argument that stands on a foundation that is not tearing another Husky fan down but on actual evidence/facts/opinion from the article or original post (in a message board).
  • Stay away from talking to recruits. For one, this is technically a NCAA violation. Two, if you can’t say positive things regardless of what school they choose then you are only making yourself look stupid and the university you represent.

As for this site, and I am sure it goes the same for Dawgman, UW Dawg Pound, The Daily, Real Dawg, and other Husky websites, the majority of the readers are Husky fans. My staff writers are Husky fans, (most of them write for free because they love the Huskies) the readers are Husky fans, and the commenters are Husky fans. There is a common goal, there is a common bond, let’s be civil when we disagree because at the end of the day all Husky fans want a similar thing- a championship.

I encourage your comments and I enjoy reading your comments but keep them rational and not slated with venom.

If you are a Husky fan that is reading this and you wouldn’t label yourself as a EIHF, than do everyone a favor and help promote healthy commenting.

Thanks for helping make this site a success and for letting me rant at little about our friends the EIHF.

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  • shilo113

    I’m not sure you understand the concept of ‘trolling’. A ‘troll’ is a fan of one school pretending to be a fan from a different school and posting comments that reflect negatively on that other school.

    • GriffinWB

      @shilo113 Shilo, I don’t think YOU understand the concept of trolling. It’s not just a sports fan’s term. Read up. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=trolling

      • huskyhaul

        @GriffinWB@shilo113 I have only heard it used in the definition that Griffin provided. But Shilo your definition is like a MEGA- troll. lol.

        • shilo113

          @huskyhaul @GriffinWB yeah, generally your right. A troll is someone just being an a**hole on the internet just to get a rise out of people. But on dawgman and other recruiting websites, trolls are referred to as people from other schools pretending to be dawgs and bashing recruits to make us look bad.

        • pixel13

          @huskyhaul @GriffinWB @shilo113 “troll” in this sense originated on Usenet, even before Berners-Lee invented html (which created the web). Usenet was the original ‘net, and once anonymity became more the norm than using one’s own name, trolling and trolls started to show. (to this day, I post on usenet using my real name)

          Certainly there is some of what shilo describes–especially with regard to recruiting. Probably always will be.

        • huskyhaul

          @pixel13 @GriffinWB@shilo113 being an idiot or a jerk on the internet seems to be the mutually agreed upon term. Whether it is deceptive based or not.

          However, this article is obviously written to those genuine Husky fans that just sometimes post/tweet/ hit send before they have thought it through and it is very emotionally driven and attack oriented.

  • goducks58

    Gee, since this showed up on my Ducks aggregator, that means I’m a troll…. The author is so droll (For a Fusky) making that crack about Oregon fans. Truthfully, there are some extremely bad behaviors on both our sides, but at least we Duck fans can revel in the fact that it’s been 8 looooooong years since you Puppies sniffed victory.

    • AMitchellReport

      @goducks58 Just FYI that wasn’t a shot at Duck fans…he was telling the readers that as Husky fans they shouldn’t take shots at other Husky fans or Husky writers. It’s expected from Duck Fans, because Duck fans aren’t supposed to like Husky fans. Just like Husky fans aren’t supposed to like Duck Fans. His point was to be nice to each other, keep the anger for the rivals.

      • goducks58

        @AMitchellReport @goducks58 Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. It was an obvious shot at Duck fans. He was telling Husky fans that they shouldn’t act as poorly as Duck fans. It’s painting with a broad brush that I don’t think is correct. Sure, there is lots of enmity between Ducks and Huskies, but to call Duck fans out as being the emotionally irrational metric is, IMO a bit much.