Washington Huskies guard Abdul Gaddy during the game against the Washington State Cougars. (Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE)

Abdul Gaddy Leaves You Wanting More

Gaddy has become a faded star. The once highly touted point guard prospect in the country (ranked #2 by Scouts.com back in 2009) isn’t playing up to the level he should be and that he can. From what I know, this type of play isn’t like him at all, in high school Gaddy was aggressive back at Bellarmine Prep. Now when you see him play it’s a totally different story. He is more passive and he isn’t driving to the basket nor creating his own shots. He leaves you wanting more. He is capable of more.

The main excuse most bring up when you talk about Gaddy and his struggles is the ACL injury which happened last season and he missed most of the year. However, he looks like he has come back to full strength and yet things still are not the same for him, or as they should be for him.

When UCLA and USC came into town this past week Abdul was a total non-factor. In the first game he scored 7 points and had 5 assists but he also turned the ball over 4 times. He does get his minutes though playing 34 against both the Bruins and Trojans yet not much was different against USC scoring 6 with 6 assists but with 3 turnovers. A key takeaway from Saturday night’s game for Gaddy was his inability to make 3’s he was 0-4.

Transitioning into an all-around point guard could be another reason why Gaddy is struggling. In high school, Gaddy was the go-to-guy, the one to make his shots, to drive and be aggressive. Here at UW he tends to set up the plays and looks to get others involved. This could quite possibly reflect the way Romar is teaching him to play or the way he feels he needs to play.

Yet one thing is certain, this has thrown off Gaddy’s game. Will he bounce back with only a few more games left? Can he make a push to become that highly talented player we know he can be next year? It remains to be seen but as he continues to struggle while this season is still in affect his draft stock is falling quickly.

For his sake and his future in the NBA he needs to get back to playing like the old Gaddy. This may not happen with this young and talented roster. The rest of the season and next season is what Gaddy has left and while we have seen quick risers like Wroten and strong improvements from the unexpected in Shawn Kemp Jr. Gaddy can still be a major factor on this team and he surely does not want to get left behind. He may not be able to be that leader he once was in his Bellarmine days but he can still contribute immensely and be one of the top point guards in the Pac-12.

Next week, I will continue on the topic of Abdul by getting the opportunity to sit down with 3 of his former teammates at Bellarmine Prep who understand Gaddy’s game and get their opinions onto why he has struggled so much during his time at UW. The verdict from me, is that he leaves you wanting more.

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  • KramdawgSean

    @HuskyHaul He was turning in to that player last January before the injury. While he has recovered physically, it is the mental effects

  • KramdawgSean

    @HuskyHaul I think I can understand something like that making him become apprehensive and unconfident in his talent

  • KramdawgSean

    @HuskyHaul I guess it would be a maturity issue. This is where having an Isaiah to push him would mean the world.

    • HuskyHaul

      @KramdawgSean great thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  • kradun

    I second that motion! Gaddy’s confidence has been largely affected by the injury. It takes some athletes a couple of years (at least) to recover both mentally and physically & to regain their confidence.

    • huskyhaul

      @kradun This is certainly the case or at least a piece of the puzzle. Especially, when you see him explode or pull off an amazing play. It’s there… but the confidence doesn’t seem to be.

  • Dmoseattle

    Wow! Amazingly piss poor perspective. He looks fine to you?! What do you know?! Sure he had a great game at B Prep, but how did he fare against the best? How did he do at the McD game? Watch that? Gaddy is what he is, a solid pg, solid general, and ok college athlete. He is still young per grade and I am firmly in the camp that despite what you think he looks like, he will be bad ass next year. His confidence might not be where it was, but he’s coming off a major injury and working out how to play along side major talents. Hope the Bellarmine kids can speak to that. You going to talk to Avery Bradley?! Bottom line, he’s solid on and off the court, give him a freakin break and cut the hack blog crap.

    • huskyhaul


      a little brutal. You basically had the same point as the writer of this opinion piece… that something is missing and he leaves you wanting more. Thus, I am confused why you attacked the article. Your conclusion is that he is lacking the same confidence that he had before the injury? Isn’t the author saying the same thing without saying “confidence”- that something is different from his game a few years ago to today?

      Let’s try to be a little civil around here when we offer our opinions. Lol. For the most part everyone here is rooting for the Huskies just with different opinions. So let’s play nice… this isn’t a site for duck fans.