Mason Foster Fails to Impress at the NFL Combine

Mason Foster did not do bad at the NFL combine, he was just not very impressive. He found himself in the middle of the pack in almost all of the drills he competed in today.

Mason Foster at the NFL Combine (

Did he hurt his draft status? He didn’t really help it with his showing at the combine, he was already a day 2 pick looking to try to find himself in the second round. He may just be a third round pick now, with the possibility of being a fourth round pick.

The film doesn’t lie on Mason Foster, he is a hard worker, he does make a lot of tackles, he is faster at football speed. However, some coaches will lose interest due to his combine numbers. That being said, look for him to be anywhere from a second round to a fourth round pick.

Here are his combine stats compared to the top performer at each:

40 Yard Dash Player
4.49 Martez Wilson
4.75 Mason Foster
Bench Press Player
32 Ross Homan
22 Mason Foster
Vertical Jump Player
38.0 Scott Lutrus
31.0 Mason Foster
Broad Jump Player
10’6″ Von Miller
9’2″ Mason Foster
3 Cone Drill Player
6.70 Von Miller
7.14 Mason Foster
20 Yard Shuttle Player
4.00 Nick Bellore
4.45 Mason Foster
60 Yard Shuttle Player
11.15 Von Miller
12.26 Mason Foster

(stats courtesy of and

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  • Ayoo

    Well it’s good to know no one reads this shi**y blog. All other news sources view him as doing quite well in the combine.

    • Mark Knight

      Sorry you disagree. That’s the beauty of sports reporting, we don’t always agree. The fact of the matter is that Mason Foster is supposed to be a second round pick, and yet was in the bottom of almost all the combine results for linebackers. While that may not matter much because he is awesome on tape and the combine can’t hold water over actual football play-making ability, Foster did not impress with his results.

  • MDee

    Trust me his vertical is much higher than 21″ ……. he slammed the basketball with ease in high school and frequently jumped completely over would be tacklers. Had to have something bothering him and probably should have pulled out of the drill if that were the case….. you have no clue what you are doing projecting this number like it really reflects what he can do…. seriously

    • Mark Knight

      THANKS for catching that. It was supposed to be 31″ not 21. Mis-type.

      About the rest of your comment: Let’s hope this is the case. I am just putting the results on the table. Things may look drastically different on his pro-day, which would be great!

      • kevin jackson

        I watched most of the coverage and ALL of what little coverage Foster Mason got. My conclusion, (believe me I am a HUGE HUSKY fan and Alum)…I think Mason Foster got his first glimpse of the truth about making the transition from college to NFL…speed speed speed…and EVERYONE is a superstar athlete…Mason will adjust and be a SUPERSTAR in the NFL because of his work ethic. ..but I think he was a little bit startled and shook up in the combine….a deer in the headlights phenomenon many future NFL superstars get over by getting time to adjust…2nd round or 3rd round, whoever drafts Foster will be making a wise business deal…because he will adjust and when he ups his mind frame to NFL he will WORK HIS WAY to NFL stardom…barring injury.

  • Evonne Haley

    This is the funniest article I have read ever. You can twist the combine results anyway you want. I can assure you Mason will be drafted in the 2nd round. You have no idea how his interviews and chalk talk went. For you to compare his results to the top guy in each catagory was just plain “dumb”. Some of the people you compared him to are not even in the conversation so it wouldn’t matter what they did. How embarrassing as a writer to have written this. No wonder nobody reads this site and I have never heard of it. LMAO.

    P.S. Kevin, Go Dawgs. Mason was not a deer in the headlights he was extremely composed and from many accounts from observers at the combine “He was impressive enough to warrant many scheduled personal visits from numerous teams”.

    • Mark Knight

      No need to argue, but who should I compare him to? the worst guy? the guy next to him? This wouldn’t provide any reference to how he relates to the top of the field. Which is what you want to know, especially with a second rounder.

  • Evonne Haley

    Also he was not in the bottom of most of the combine drills. Maybe you should find a “real” football site to gather information from before you write an article. Just saying.

    • Mark Knight

      Thanks for the encouraging remarks. :)